Hey there, I'm Angela!

Believer in jesus
wifey of 11 years
Enneagram 7w8: Even go getters just wanna have fun!
coffee lover

I am in LOVE with capturing memories!

Serving Lafayette, Indiana, and surrounding areas.

My love for photography started when I was young but I did not see the importance of it until I became a wife and a mother. I was always the friend taking pictures and playing around with the colors for the edit that I wanted. Before I started my photography business, I was a stay at home mama. I have always tried to capture every moment of our children because truthfully, we will never get those moments or the time with our family back so a photo is a way of preserving those moments and memories.

Not only is my job SO MUCH FUn but it is also super important!

It is my absolute pleasure to capture the same memories for you!u.

Don't miss a single moment, friend.

Lots of love and blessings,


Young Love

I met my husband when I was 18. We decided to tie the knot at age 19. I am a believer in young love, as well as love at first sight! I am still married to my best friend 11 years later and would not have it any other way!

Boys are Wild Girls are Sweet

Going into my marriage, I had the privilege of becoming a bonus mama who is now 13. Together we have a two year old wild man, and a 10 year old sweet daughter! When they say your second is crazy...believe it!

Dealing with Loss

If you’ve been through pain or lost someone you love, I understand you and I’m here to support you during this exciting- yet difficult and painful time. I’m here to support you. Your wedding day will be filled with incredible moments but you may be missing someone important to you.

When we lost our daughter Amelia, our world was rocked but knowing we will see her again in heaven, and leaning on our Heavenly Father, helped us more than anything. She is what taught me the true meaning of preserving memories with photography.